Bergischer Weg - Hiking full of surprises

It was a sunny day & we (me & my husband - Kaya) decided to just take a walk, enjoy the sun because I miss it so much since I moved to Germany that I can't get enough of it. Every time sun shines I want to just be outside, walking around in the nature! So we decided - let's just take our car & drive to wherever we get the feeling. After 15 min of drive we saw a place called #Diepenthal_Sperre. It is a recreational area in the border area of ​​the cities of Leverkusen / Pattscheid , Leichlingen (Rhineland) and Burscheid , where Kaya went very often with his family on #picnics, to do boating, #hiking & #camping. I mean see the pictures below & you will get the point.

Diepenthal - Sperre, Deutschland

So we went out of our car & decided to just start walking right into the forest, like we always do. After walking a bit we noticed a plate - "#BergischerWeg". For my Indian friends, such plates can be found very often in forest areas or protected natural places in Germany to guide you on a biking or hiking trail.

So we started walking & were excited about our exploration. All the people were making rounds around the reservoir at #Diepenthal or sipping cold drinks & enjoying sun. We met barely 4 other hikers, so quite a less explored trail for non-biking-experts 🚴‍♂️ like us 😜

The hiking trail is full of surprises. It took us through small lanes & tunnels that no one will normally take.

There were fields protected for animals' food, cows, horses, rabbits, birds' singing & small towns with #fachwerkhäuser. It was just magical, being so near the city yet no signs of busy city life. Just keep walking & enjoying the sun ☀️

Ah.. this old soul on our way was definitely a treat!

We were for quite some time enjoying with this beautiful horse. His pasture was on Bergischer-weg, our hiking trail. Ah it was so relaxing I tell you...

Just remember to close the gates when you pass through & don't make too much noise.

After walking through open fields & small towns we went into a deep forest. High trees, small water streams , birds chirping & a few houses here & there with Yachts, mesmerising Gardens, Barbecue smell, People laughing & enjoying. Life feels so much good & beautiful when you go to places like these. I mean I always love the fact that Villages are so nicely integrated with cities & have such well developed Infrastructure in Europe. Due to lack of facilities we all have to run to cities in India. Only small summer & winter break trips to visit grandparents in Village & those memories are one of the best memories always. I hope one day India realises how staying in overly-populated cities is not a sustainable solution for environment, people or economy.

Well sorry for my childhood memories detour. 🧒🎋🐑 Moving on, so we went through forests & more forests, small towns, pastures, fruit gardens! Before our Phone went off we took some more pictures to capture this day & share with our friends & family.

We had zero clue as to how long this way is, so before our phone's batteries died we googled one time to find out. I believe this was the best decision we took with our remaining battery because to our surprise this trail runs for nearly 260 kilometres 😅🤫 through historic villages and idyllic countryside, passing castles, palaces and monuments on its way. We also figured out that Shortly after opening, the Bergisch Trail was awarded the “Qualitätsweg Wanderbares Deutschland” seal of quality. All the info can be found on official NRW tourism website

So we decided after 5 km of continuous walking with no preparation & water or 💶 to buy some water💧, to make #Lambertsmühle our last stop. Due to Corona of course almost all things are closed or have restricted entry but these trails are always open to welcome you to explore. I will highly recommend this way to all nature-seekers , hikers , bike riders, or anyone who lives nearby #Düsseldorf, #Mettmann, #Leverkusen , Leichlingen (Rhineland) or Burscheid. Just prepare a small picnic basket if you like & keep walking. We have no clue where 10 km went by🤔😍 it was simply amazing!

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