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In my last post we talked about #Hampi, best time to visit, how to reach there and staying options. Now once we are in the ancient village what all can you see. Well this is another make or break part. Hampi is different. It is not a tourist place with too many restaurants, pubs or well connected with public transport. It is a place calling for adventure and exploration. You have to set yourself free from any planned tour. Let yourself loose and go with the flow or as per weather. This village has various view points that are to be seen early morning or evening, and by early morning I mean 6 a.m. maximum. It has ruins where you need to imagine historical significance and small lanes to fill your stomach and chill.

Here is a list of places that I ventured during my 4 day stay.

1. It started at #Hampi_Ghat from where we have to take a ferry to cross river #Tungabhadra. Morning 6-7 a.m and people are bathing, washing clothes (not so good surely for water), #elephants taking shower while enjoying the cold water underneath and hot sun above.

A Mahout bathing his beloved elephant on the bank of Tungabhadra

2. #Vijaya_Vittala_Temple is the most touristy yet must visit archaeological site. The temple is dedicated to Lord Vitthala, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. It has the most know stone chariot and the fascinating musical pillars. This will take 1 hour minimum to see the place and 30 minutes to walk to the temple and come back.

The famous stone Chariot at Vijaya Vittala Temple

The Vittala temple is built in the Dravidian style of architecture. The cluster of musical pillars inside the Vittala Temple complex was carved out of huge single pieces of resonant stone.The emission of musical notes from stone pillars was a mystery that fascinated many people down the centuries. Tapping over the years have caused some damage to the musical pillars of the Ranga Mantapa and is now banned. The wheels of the chariot were once functional and could be rotated by the people. But some years ago the government cemented the wheels in order to avoid causing damage to them any further.

3. To enjoy the beautiful sunset we went to #Malyavanta Raghunatha Temple. #Tip: The main point is to go at the end of the area and towards the hill to enjoy the mesmerising view and sunset. Sit there with water and something to munch and just enjoy.

4. Sunrises are the best time to see Hampi for its true natural beauty. #Hanuman Temple on the top of the #Anjaneya Hill is considered as the birthplace of Lord Hanuman.

#Tip: Once you see the temple the real deal is when you climb those rocks and walk barely 100 metre to get to the panoramic serene place. We did our yoga and nature therapy session there. it will take 3 hours minimum to climb stairs, see the temple and enjoy on the rocks. So go there when you not in any hurry.

5. #Hampi Bazaar is the ruins where in earlier times food, clothes and jewels markets used to be set up. Next to the bazaar street is a pocket full of interesting lanes and nice cafes. You can also eat opposite this area ;after crossing the Tungabhadra river. I would suggest Breakfast in that side of the river and rest of the meals in Hampi Bazaar. #Mango tree restaurant serves delectable food in various cuisines. There are many cafes in this small area so don't hesitate to explore and find your own favourite place.

Mango tree restaurant in Hampi. Picture source: youtube

6. #Sri_Virupaksha_Temple is considered as one of the most significant religious places to visit in Hampi and attracts a huge number of pilgrims from all over India.

Believed to be the oldest functioning temple in India, Sri Virupaksha Temple is a 7th-century Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Virupaksha, an incarnation of Lord Shiva.
View of Virupaksha Temple from matanga Hill.

Next to Virupaksha Temple are all the ruins and partially preserved temples of various gods. #Lakshmi_Narasimha Temple, #Hemakuta_Hill Temple, #Sasivekalu Ganesha Temple, Sri #Krishna Temple etc. are just to name a few and the most well preserved sites. Just keep walking and enjoying what you like.

Lakshmi Narasimha Temple in Hampi

7. One day we decided to fully relax and that's when you visit #Sanapur lake. You will see people swimming, taking the coracle boat ride and just enjoying their time.

Coracle boat ride at Sanapur lake, Hampi

8. Now comes the time for our special mention - The #Matanga hill. It is the best sunrise and sunset point in Hampi. People even do solo camping at top. There is #Veerabhadra Temple at the top and panoramic views for you to get lost in. Check out the pictures because my words cannot do justice to this place.

#Tip: Start early. Wear sports shoes as the stairs are not so good here and you will climb for 30 minutes one way.

These are the major places we could cover on our trip to Hampi. Here are some more tips for you guys:

  • Carry sunscreen, water and some fruits or nuts to munch, always with you..

  • Wear Sports shoes, sunglasses, cap and maybe carry an umbrella. The sun is very strong here.

  • Arrange an auto guy to help you see whole place. we fixed a deal with a nice auto wale bhaiya for 400 per day and he took us everywhere we wanted. That's the best way to commute if you don't have personal vehicle.

  • Even though Hampi has river Tungabhadra and various lakes but the water is very muddy. I could only swim in my hotel pool.

  • Book best hotel in advance to stay otherwise you will not enjoy this place to the fullest.

Now here is a #short_video from my trip for your enjoyment. Happy watching!

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