Paris, A majestic city

Updated: Jul 25, 2018

Art is there in each and every small lane, fashion exists everywhere, and much talked about Romance lies in the eyes of the beholder!

I always dreamed of walking the romantic and mystic lanes of #Paris - The City of Love, The City of Light, La Ville-Lumiere. Finally the wish came true in Dec 2017.

I went with my husband on a 4-day trip to Paris from Düsseldorf. The ride to catch the train was adventurous itself. Driving at a supersonic speed on snow-covered roads of Dusseldorf we managed to reach the station on time. Ran to the station and we caught it. Phew!! Why were we late? Well, we overslept AGAIN in the cozy cold night!

So now we were in #Thalys and it took us merely 4 hours to reach Paris – the city of my dreams. We walked through the city to reach our Airbnb at #La_Marie. I was in awe of the streets I have to say! The architecture is so beautiful and each lane is a different world in itself. Traffic seemed crazy like Mumbai and traffic rules much relaxed, unlike Germany. We had breakfast near our Airbnb at Le Marais in a restaurant on the main street! Our first mistake. Never have any meal at the main street restaurants! I never trust foursquare anyway because food is a personal choice and for me food quality matters the most! And believe you me there are hidden diners that will fill your mouth with wonders. There are plenty of restaurants that serve food as per your taste – Thai, Chinese, Italian you name it.

Notre-Dame de Paris

So day 1 began with exploring mysterious #Notre_Dame_de_Paris! O yes, I did watch hunchback of Notredam to relive it! The church is beautiful with detailed handwork on statues and figures on the wall. Well, its free so have a look inside if it is not crowded else you haven't missed anything because the view is all outside and around this place. Walk next to the river -. We walked and walked explored all lanes near "The Seine River".

In evening we met our friends whom we first met on our honeymoon. Being the locals they took us to the small and amazing restaurant where we had classic #Mussels, #Pizza and their desert which is cooked #pomelo with a sugar layer on top. It was delicious and mouthwatering!

Day 2 began with a brunch at a Thai restaurant near our Airbnb at Le Marais! We had their meal of the day which was Mushroom salad, duck gravy with jasmine rice and fruits. Booked an Uber and went to #Galeries_Lafayette_Paris_Haussmann - A global event-based retail and fashion leader! The iconic mall has all the major brands and small designer's shops with so much variation of fashion you cannot fathom. The interior decoration on occasion of Christmas was very special! We had a quick look and left the mall to see nearby Opera house and discover more in the area! The whole world seems to be just shopping in this area and you will surely be lost and mesmerised!

Day 3 began with a tour of the place by our friends. They took us to all major places in Paris!

  • #Place_Charles_de_Gaulle is a large road junction in Paris, the meeting point of twelve straight avenues.

  • #The_Champs_Élysées : It is known for its theatres, cafés, and luxury shops, for the annual Bastille Day military parade, and as the finish of the Tour de France cycle race.

  • #Eiffel_tower: I honestly think it is extremely overhyped and touristy place. I just enjoyed the 5 minutes light show at night there. However I have heard that the view of Paris is breathtaking from top. Can't comment on that because during freezing winter clouds cover everything!

  • #Sacré_Cœur, Paris : Iconic, domed white church, completed in 1914, with interior mosaics, stained-glass windows & crypt. At night around 11 p.m. we went to the Church. The view is spectacular and it was almost empty so incredible place to chill at night and enjoy Paris!

Sacré-Cœur, Paris

After seeing so much we sat and ate at a restaurant on the lane! Had a couple of wines, mussels, and chicken! The dog was there too to have some drinks to get him going in this crazy fast moving city!

The Tuileries Garden, Paris

Day 4 we gave our luggage to a shop next to our house where they charge 10 euro per day. We walked and saw #The_Louvre_museum, walked next to park and river to see antiques. #TheTuileriesGarden is a public garden located between the Louvre Museum and the Place de la Concorde. This is totally different world altogether! There is so much art and antiquities from various places and how they are displayed! You can feel the vibe when you are there! It was beautiful and it is heaven for people who love art.

Now the hunger started kicking in, but it was around 3:30 pm and Alas no nice lunch place was open. We kept walking and walking and finally found one small restaurant open with a lady cooking something in the kitchen, visible from the street. Went in and thought we get a menu now! We were the only customers. She asked if we want #appleCidre or beer? We thought okay there are only two choices but we were excited to try the apple Cidre – the specialty of Paris! And indeed it was nice! Then the lady started talking about her husband and kids and how she is working day and night to keep the 4 restaurants running and taking care of kids! It was very special, all we did was to talk and say yes and nod. After sometime she realised we were customers and asked what we want to eat! We thought okay menu now but she did it again! "So I cook chicken in curry and basmati rice for you and an apple dish for dessert – a specialty from her grandmother!" Ain't gonna say no to that and she got the delicious food! It reminded me of my mother's special chicken curry with loads of veggies in it and basmati rice! I loved it and said adieu to the owner/waitress/chef of this restaurant! What a true spirited lady.

Le Marais, paris

We picked our bags, booked an Uber and reached the Paris station and came back home!

It was indeed a very special experience. The city is a busy one like any metropolitan, where you see people running for jobs, catching trains or completing day to day life chores, Houses are quite small like Mumbai, Crowd is as much as in Delhi and Architecture like no other city! Art is there in small lanes, fashion exists everywhere on every lane, and much talked about Romance lies in the eyes of the beholder!

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